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Hunter's and fisherman's house

Fisherman's house on the Kama River

Wooden Hunting Lodge Furniture and Fisherman's Country House Furniture

Hunting style is one of the most original and cozy, allowing you to reveal your imagination and not limit yourself to the limits of fashionable minimalism. The modern country house of a hunter or fisherman has a soul and a mood that contrasts strikingly with soulless, patterned apartments and standard cottages. The design of the hunting interior made of natural materials, created in a warm color scheme, will give a feeling of peace and tranquility. Wooden hunting furniture is a sample of comfortable and reliable details of everyday life, which, having a fairly unpretentious appearance, still look solid.

Hunting Lodge Furniture and Decor

We use wood as the main material. During the development and creation of the hunting interior, we take boards, beams, slabs, suveli and kapy coniferous and deciduous trees. Depending on the interior idea, the material is processed or left in its original form, with the exception of minimal basic influences, important to the practical point of view.

In our studio we use only natural materials. For example, the upholstery of an armchair and a sofa made of leather looks better than a textile one. Hunting decor, for example, stones and bones, animal fangs, jute or forged details create a hunting style of your country house.

Traditionally, hunting furniture and furniture for a fisherman is the massiveness of all elements. Large hinting armchairs, impressive slab tables and cabinets - all items of the hunting interior, unlike the classical design, look monumental and amaze the imagination. At the same time, during the formation of the idea, we do everything so that the end result does not look like a heap of large objects, on the contrary: every detail stands exactly in its place and harmoniously echoes with the rest.

In addition to basic items, the atmosphere in the hunter's house or the fisherman house is created by small details: installations and panels, decorated logs and arched passages, original chandeliers and lamps. We think carefully to the last detail, following the general mood of the hunting style and displaying all the richness of nature in the surrounding things.

Kitchen Furniture in Hunting Style

The color and individuality of the hunting kitchen in the hunting lodge is created at the expense of deliberately rough forms. Woody texture with additions from other materials conveys the unique spirit of the hunting lodge.

Hunting kitchen furniture is always a wooden set. We use unpainted boards for the facade - sometimes independently, sometimes combined with stone and metal. The set can be supplemented with more original elements, for example, small picturesque inserts (landscapes look especially well), jute "stitches" or stained glass. We come up with all the solutions for each project separately, because we want every hunting house to be unique.

The fisherman furniture and hunters furniture for recreation are hunting armchairs and benches. We often make them with leather upholstery, because the natural leather is simple and not burdensome in care. We also make home textiles for soft hunting furniture, for example, if the back of the sofa is covered with leather in a scrappy technique, then the pillows will be the same - to match the hunting style and complement the hunting interior.

Hunting tables in the dining area are massive, solid, often with original solutions: glass inserts, rhizomes instead of legs, painted stones for decoration. If we use metal, then only bronze and copper shades to harmonize with the wood and develop the idea of ​​the interior.

Living Room in a Hunting Lodge

The living room is one of the most public places in the house, which forms guests with a vision of the lifestyle of the owner. Friends are invited here, the whole family gathers here. So we need to create a "quiet harbor" in this place, comfortable and home-like cozy. The hunting interior of the living room is often complemented by a fireplace, so in addition to the basic hunting furniture, we create large armchairs in which it will be pleasant to spend winter evenings. We also can make slab tables with hunting chairs and stools or benches. Shelves from natural wood branches with jute decoration will accommodate books for reading in their spare time.

If your hunting living room is large in area, the central lighting is complemented by different types of lightning. We use  tapestry or dense natural fabrics for curtains and the walls are decorated with wooden panels and paintings.

Hunting Bedroom Furniture in a Hunting Lodge

The bedroom is one of the most difficult in terms of hunting design, because it must continue the overall style of the house, but be calm at the same time. Hunting design does not involve a large number of cabinets and chests of drawers, and therefore the bedroom in it is a place of exclusively rest, and not a combination with a dressing room.

The hunting bed or fishermans bed is also created from massive solid wood. The bed's headboard is one of the few hunting decor elements: it can be decorated with a slab or branches and the legs of the bed could be made from roots. In general, the furniture in the hunting style is attractive for its natural simplicity.

Creative Solutions in the Design of a Hunting Lodge and Furniture for a Fisherman Country House

We try to create unique interior accents for each room, whether it is a bath or gazebo. Some our solutions are transferred to another rooms for different purposes, if we see that our idea will only benefit from this. For example, wooden arches from logs with paintings and picturesque landscapes can supplement the hunting design of any room.

Small coffee tables are also suitable for all rooms in the hunting lodge. We often do their countertops from the slab of wood and the legs are made of roots. All this creates a colorful and impressive hunting design and makes the hunting house interior  truly memorable and atmospheric.

We work with people from all over the world and immediately accept your space as part of something greater!

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