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Video - Furniture from Quicksand, Roots and Snags

Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin's studio is one of the few in Russia that is engaged in creating unique adirondacks and rustic furniture - design genres, deliberately rude but soulful. Experienced master cabinetmakers always do a fairly long practical work. What is this work for Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin, a creator of unusual furniture? Here you can watch the story of master cabinetmaker. These videos tell us about the creative way and its very beginning.

What masters in other types of art inspire him to work so hard? What was the impetus in the beginning of his way, the way of unique ideas and extension of natural beauty? Videos shows us not only about master cabinetmaker, but about the uniqueness of modern and rustic styles in his furniture.

How much energy does Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin put into this difficult, tedious, but happy work? The video reveals the veil of creation as a daily life work. How are created those decorative items that  fall into the unique design projects of houses and apartments later and make them pleasing, bringing a new spirit to everyday life? How he works with roots, with what tools, where he find the materials and so on - find it all online!

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