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On the young ice

It is interesting: you walk along the lake, you admire; you look at air bubbles in the ice, seaweed under the glass of young, not yet thick ice. Everything is quiet and quiet... You look at your children that they do not skate nearer.

But then a loud distant sound passed through the ice... And again, and again... And the young lake ice sang, broke: then, then, right under your feet, it sobbed and flew away to the far, far shore. It was cracks, from which appeared dark moisture, eating frost that lay on the ice. What happened - from what so on increasing so suddenly he cracked, went cracked...

And suddenly I realized: "This is the wind." The wind grew stronger and piled on the ice: while it was young, not yet fat, in large open, lake areas, it could disperse, crumple and create cracks that were born with a special booming singing, drifting along the icy surface either directly, or unexpectedly, crescentily leaving and turning somewhere. Yes, a lot today saw and learned - how it all is born and is happening. But nature will tell you something every day, what it will teach. You just need to be careful ...

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