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Tomato's miracle

I buy tomatoes from the market at Chuvashki and she consults me: "Do I take il for salting with food?"

"For food," I answer.

"Then I'll give you some reds, and the rest of the greens will lie so better until they're consumed."

"You just," she says to me, "put a red one in front of a meal for a couple of days, and if you eat it, and there are no red ones, then the cup is red, or the rag, but it's red in color, they will understand and blush. I ask in astonishment: "How can they? Do they really react and understand that we should blush?"

- Of course! - the elderly chuvashka calmly answers, - when my children with granddaughters will come to me and turn all the reds, then the green ones can hang and hang without blushing, and I'll throw the ribbons red and they'll blush again. Is it not a miracle?

And as the wife lemon put simply without intent, and a number of tomatoes were, well, it's clear that the greens; so those that next to the lemon lay, began to turn yellow .. That's a miracle then Kako!

An interesting thing is life, especially if it lives on earth!

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