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The third day of sawing

The third day of heavy sawing. And what interesting observations! The first day is relatively easy, the second day - I can not go through, my legs refuse to go and stumble, I walk around barely, shaking, shaking. And you have to go, you need to arbaytn through strength, a bit more, well... But today - the third day and the log as a baobab, all in boozas, like hooves, but somehow everything went like on the first day. Even I will say - it is much easier, at that time I became involved, I get used to it!

How good work is in the air in the forest in the frost, and it will not hurt to rest, since the wetness of the back is freezing. Here it is - the real life of an earthling with sweat and salt, with a clear head and understanding of being, and in a different way, not life, but as if on a visit...

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