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Table in rhinestones and attracting islands

Ask to make a table. I ask:

- "What kind of tree, its purpose, size."

- "From MDF". - answer at the other end of the wire. I continue to say:

- "Under the enamel?"

- "No," they say, "with diamond dusting." The coating should be very even and durable. The whole table will be covered with Swarovski rhinestones. The appointment of the table is the signing of important documents. "There is a pause...

I represent - important men, women in black tight skirts and fitted jackets with puppet-faience faces and unperturbed from the importance of the moment facial expressions. And I guess about those important documents, in which the essence of the appointment is how to fool the working people once again, and to squander their meager earnings from them. Suddenly, my voice fades in the phone, "So how do you take?".

At this time I look at the map, where along the channel of the Volga the islands stretched far, far away, not yet examined by me. And at this moment I wake up, happily realizing that this nonsense is just a dream. And after a while I go to look at the map: where are my islands, what was going to examine them...

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