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The power of the request

The first winter is the first steady frost, a young, already powdered snowball, a strong ice. It is easy, the duct curls between the reeds, then the exit to a small wild field, known as the old town of Shchipary. I always visit these wilderness spots on the winters, because as soon as it is possible to pass through frozen channels or through the forest, too, a frozen path, and in spring, the tokm is already on the high high water in the boat. Wild apple-trees there! Painfully sincere in white dress. And then the forest to me there, through the forest, through the gnawish ravine and again into the wild fields. And at that there in the distance near the forest? Like the hut tiny, but, approaching, it became clear that at that UAZ, and coming closer, I found out that the Jaeger-Nicholas, my friend.

The door is not locked, the keys in the ignition lock, the handbag on the next seat. Smiling to himself, he followed the trail. Here are the men at the edge of the road in camouflage with guns. After greeting, I ask:

- "And where is Nicholas?"

- "Yes, on a snowmobile, with hunters in the forest, they drive a boar, do not go there better."

After standing a little, I went to another forest path, which started at UAZ. I go and I think: "Poor animal, there is no rest for it, people, guns, snowmobiles and dogs." And I prayed, I prayed for the boar, so that I could live, I was saved. I'm already going through the forest, oh, well, well.

The earth was freezing, there was not much snow yet - the beauty for walking. My nose was wet, my back was sweating, and, well, well! Here the field has lightened between the trees, there too it is interesting and original. There is something to admire, and to remember the summer and its motley grass. From an hour through the field and again through the forest to the channel - and already to the car. Tired and joyful, and in the car the apple waits for a thermos with tea, which has not yet cooled down. Uzho disguised in a dry and a bite, called Nicholas to take an interest, took a wild boar? And I heard the following: that the boar had cut the scent of the hunting dog and was like that.

He went off to be listed... And she, a dog, was taken to the city, to a veterinarian, to sew. Here they asked, that's why he prayed. Eh-hehe. Yes... It is more accurate and deliberate to send requests to outer space to the ruler of everything and everything. Nothing... Sewn. A boar is alive!

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