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Nadezhda Fedorovna

Nadezhda Fedorovna... Sometimes, and more recently, I often remember this woman with gratitude and trembling, this is the age. There would be an opportunity, would kneel and kiss her hands!

And the story is like that. A long time in my youth, serving in the army in the Far East, I got to the hospital with a knee injury. It was a matter of amputation, because it was troublesome to deal with the ordinary, and why? And, suddenly, the nurse comes and says: "And to you the visitor..."

"What kind of visitor? Who will come from their parents or relatives to visit?" I think, "so far off, the edge of the earth." Well, what to do - jumped on crutches and down to the floor. And Nadezhda Fyodorovna meets me - a librarian in a soldier's club. I brought jam, I remember, and a lot of everything home. She was the age of our mother. I was touched, of course, to sputum... After this visit, I began to be nursed with myself, to pull out.

I asked: "Why did you change your mind about sawing off your leg?"... Answer that they are bothering about you - the wife of a Soviet officer, the librarian of a military communications brigade in the Far East in the Prince Volkonka, a Russian woman - Nadezhda Fedorovna...

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