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I'm a Tree... Tall, spreading

I'm a big tree, sprawling! Many hands, many branches... Each branch is like a tree, as a separate country. Some branches of the country above the shore, others over the water - far from land, from stones.

I, vaguely, like in a dream I guess that when I was a man, because I feel and understand them.

I'm a big old Willow... There are birds in my head, they nests in the nest. I was lucky - they did not cut me down, they did not burn me. I rarely feel the arrival of a person: he is the same and he looks at me for a long time. And I'm fine... Finally, I learned the essence of the rains. Snow blizzards, innumerable sunsets and sunrises did not pass me by: and I remember everyone, from the first day, when I had only two leaves... I remember all the raindrops - and they are all different, like snowflakes. And the winds, and thunderstorms, and all the stars, and rainbows... I remember everything - nothing passed by; and all this is in me, in my bark and flesh.

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