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In an expensive salon

Going and walking up and down the very expensive salon of chandeliers and furniture, where it is always empty, and I did not see anyone except two or three managers, I saw a chessboard of polished metal of light and dark tones; and on it, instead of chess, the spaced-out lipstick caps of the same tones as the board. Not immediately I noticed a difference in the caps. Just did not immediately realize that this is the "figure" of chess. Therefore, he quotes the word "figurines", because, as figures, they can be called, if possible, then with great difficulty. Asking the salesman that he followed me on the heels, about how much they looked like lipstick, and not on chess, he received a striking answer: that they are unique gift chess of the most famous and great American designer Charles Devi Wardleser. I, of course, invented the name of the author - forgive me - I forgot, and did not remember it... "N-yes, I'm an artist and ignorant", - I thought at the exit from the salon... I remembered the story of Andersen, about the naked king...

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