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Don't work!

Do not work and do not waste yourself, and your love for customers, who are not respected or appreciated. Unfortunately, there are those that will never say a good word to you or just thank you, but rather will look for an excuse to deceive you, underpay.

They will see only the bad and emphasize their vision on it. They will only wear you out and lead the story so that you will still feel guilty. They, not knowing the measures will raspaditsya and press you, breaking the psyche, ruining and destroying the case, what you do. It's better to wait and stay out of work: take a walk in the woods, take care of cleaning the workshop, read the book to your children.

Just look around and try to make a living... Our work is our life, do not let it crumble. Calm down! Everything will be fine! God sees everything and will not leave us! Amen!

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