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The bell rang

The bell rang - it was somewhere in the eighteenth day. They said that he was at home, very important people would come for a conversation. I was even frightened: what important, what conversation? He even began hastily cleaning the snow-covered yard and the street that ran along the fence. And then they will be stuck still... I clean the street, I'm finishing and I'm leaving the brilliant Gelentwagen, all polished black. The snow crunches under the huge tires.

They podrulili to the opposite fence, stopping almost in the middle of the street. Two men came out in black short coats, all gallantly-expensive, somehow... They refused to go to the workshop shop, having invited me into the car. And something uncomfortable to me, already began to get nauseated. Where to go? I climbed... I sit with my eyes, clapping, looking around and waiting... They somehow warmly and sympathetically, inappropriately clothes, began to tell the following: "Soon everything on the planet will be cleaned out - bacteriological effect on some kind of plasmoid level or something .. And people with families are selected-necessary and talented-to serve those who manage everything on the earth.Sets of different professions and activities are being recruited: singers, composers, agronomists and whole laboratories with a team of specialists, even turners and cooks, and so on. .. They said that living and working m in the village in the mountains, everything is already prepared, respectively, the individual psyche and national customs. "I'm sitting in a fog...

They said, judging by the volume and persuasiveness told to me, for a long time. But, time flew by instantly. When I was asked - are there any questions, the first thing that came to mind is whether or not God wants their intentions and deeds... How can God look at this! They smiled and said that God invented them, which are the heirs of the pharaohs and priests of the ancient world, for keeping us within the format of being. Otherwise there would be complete chaos. "There is no god?" - I repeated aloud... "Yes it is a brilliant invention of the Ancestors and priests of the planet, which perfectly works to this day," the chauffeur answered me... Pause, and I think to myself: - "And how to live? feel and by whom?" - I thought.

They and without my answer, they apparently understood everything. Suddenly something began to pound in my neck, and I began to dissolve, vaguely realizing that I was... dying. Then the tunnel, the light, the mad speed - everything, as those who experienced it say, and I fall into someone's hands: huge and soft; I open my eyes and understand that I am in God's hands. I'm in his hands! And the only thing I whisper in his ear, how good that you are. He smiles at me and says that very soon I will meet my children and wife. We must prepare! Let's go to...

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