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April of the 45th

April forty-fifth... A deaf village behind the Kama River... Talking of the tokm about one - and when this war is over. Someone and say: "When, when? When the leaf on the oak tree zaselenitsya, then it will end!". Malchenka, who was spinning near the grown-ups, thought: "How is it - a sheet? And where does the sheet of oak?". Personal driver Zhukov overpowered with questions: "Well, ask him, he already knows when this war will end." Rob, well, it's awkward, who he is and who I am, the driver says, "Well, you can not, well, it's not convenient, I swear to God."

Moscow, the Kremlin, begins to grow light, the cars are bunched at the front door, waiting for the generals from the meeting, which dragged on until the morning. So G. Zhukov escapes from the steps, flopped into the back seat and exhaled pronounces: "And when this war is over..."

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