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About brooms

And more... Once again about brooms, certainly about birch-for a bath. It would seem that this little theme is exhausted, everything is already written about and written about. But I'm writing the same.

My brooms, if you take them in hand and try out, are truly charming, they are light and wide, like fan blades. By the nature of my work I go to rich and respectable houses. And they, I tell you, all the best, including baths, and brooms. A cooker and supplier, only once shlalturivshy in their work, in a moment it will be lost. And in such a light, just what tricks do not go to the procurer of a much needed bathing consumable, so that it does not lose a wholesale buyer who, moreover, does not bargain and does not discount the bid. Showing that only a quality product is needed and at a price, they say, it will not stand.

And the handle of a broom is wrapped entirely with a cord, without saving or regretting it. On something like that and as if showing that, they say, that's what my generosity is! Yes, many people invent everything, so that only his brooms ordered, and God forbid, did not jump off the order for next year. And, still and yet, I will tell you that even the president of Russia herself, who adores the Russian bathhouse, did not hold a broom in her fingers, about which I want to tell. My broom has a surprisingly thin handle. And it is stretched, no, not a string, but a fine knitting wire.

By it, by wire, it is possible to pull the twigs to such density, that no twig will ever come out on the fly. And this process with delay is not as simple as it may seem. It is known that when the broom dries, the twigs will shrink and decrease in volume. And, then, and the delay, tightening the twigs and, even more so, the string, will be weakened, and the broom, hovering, is lost, waiting.

For this, it must first be dried. It's clear, without light, in the top of the head, it will be, and then it will bark, that is, it will lose its green color. Only after drying, waiting for autumn, when the air is wet and a sheet of broom, typing the volost, will not fall off. Then you can remove the twine that was temporary, pull the twigs of the handle with a soft annealed and thin wire, twisting it with pliers.

And, having had a bite over a tail, simply to bend it in twigs of a hilt where it will not scratch a palm. And of course there should be two such screeds, higher to the fan of the broom, and at the very bottom of the handle. This is all I just wrote about the pen. And there are nuances about the very, so to speak, fan with the foliage. The species of birch is full, and not every one of them is suitable for our steamy product. Cut the whole birch-barbarism, A commercial procurer and does, effectively the same; because it is fast and productive, but it is also beneficial to know. But the twigs necessary for the masterpiece there, as they say, are different and obchelsya.

And there are such birch trees, with a dark green with a blue sheet, it is also flat in the twig, as well as the leaves are also located in the same plane. That's what you need to choose. It's not a fast thing, you look. Where the branch is thin, ragged and all in small, but frequent leaves, that and cut. And to know, and there are still some of these and their sweeping movements cut. So slowly, sparrows are typed twigs, and they need something of their stuff-seven or nine. The stem is thin, and the broom is going wide and thick.

And with all that surprisingly easy. Will catch the eye wormwood, put in the leaves, for the aroma, then. St. John's wort as well, and a lime twig with color. It seems like work, but like and rest. Wandering, walking, listening to birds, the grass is tall, smart. The breeze of mosquitoes blows away-grace. And so that the broom does not come out with a club, again the subtleties and nuances. Pick up from the harvested loose sprigs of whisk, tie it and podvyavish where under the canopy. And only afterwards you can spread out the twigs and fan it with a load, but not too much, and then dry it further.

So its shape is formed, such a thin and flat fan. So it will remain forever, even when it is soaked before the bath ritual. And what thoughts go to the head, during the preparation of twigs and their knitting. All trash and stupidity are swept away. Everything complicated and muddy during work becomes clear, clear and simple.

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