Яндекс метрика


Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin is a gifted master cabinetmaker. Interview with him is like a look on the other side of art — the side where is no value for perfect geometric forms, trends and modern technologies. This side is rustic style and adirondack. It is original and unusual way to decorate the room with natural forms, not modern solutions. When you read an interview with the master cabinetmaker Mikhail, you read out and start to perceive the world differently, to erase the big city noise.

How to create unusual furniture? What stories do the creator and founder of the studio, Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin have? How difficult is it to get materials for creativity, how is the tree handled in the workshop? A professional master cabinetmaker gives an honest interview, revealing all the pitfalls of his Cause of Life, attracting with unusual ideas and original vision. The irrepressible liveliness of natural forms and harmony in his works is a breath of air among the stuffy typical works. They inspire and give pacification and joy.

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