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3D Virtual Tour in rustic style

3D Virtual Tour in rustic style country houses in Russia - decorated with unique wooden and root furniture made by master cabinetmakers in Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin's studio. It is an opportunity to plunge into another world, a bit folkloric and mythical, accentuatedly rough, but verified to the last detail, warm and cozy, and most importantly - with it's own soul and mood. 3D virtual tour allows you to understand how soulless are city houses in the contrast to these country houses in rustic style with their's natural interior.

Open a 3D tour of a fisherman's house or tour through a unique covered arbor, completely created from natural wood, decorated with unusual rustic furniture that tells there own stories. Look closely at these branches, paintings on the facades of furniture, stained glass in the doors. Go into the panorama of the waiting room and look up, at the handmade unique chandelier made of wood, with stained-glass windows, carved patterns and so on. Every element and every project - all ideas are embodied by master cabinetmakers hands. 3D tour is an opportunity to understand rustic ideas.

3D virtual tour will reveal a veil of mystery to you and tell a fantastic story created by master cabinetmakers in Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin's studio.

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