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Outdoor Gazebo Furniture and Garden House Furniture

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Garden house

Wooden Gazebo Furniture and Garden House Furniture

Just imagine: the sunny spring or hot summer, meat is in the grill, and you sit in the gazebo and enjoy all this everyday natural splendor and a happy life. Or, on the contrary, the glazed window of the gazebo flinches — a snowball of your child  gots in it or a snow-white pile fell from the roof. Everything breathes with frosty freshness, and you sit in a warm sweater with a rug in a massive deep chair near a table of solid wood, looking out the window and enjoying the natural tranquility of winter…

Whatever the weather outside the window, life always remains beautiful. A cozy life allows you to relax and enjoy life without thinking about the city turmoil and routine.

Choosing Wooden Garden and Outdoor Furniture

It's nice to spend time in the summer, late spring and early autumn in outdoor gazebo, but in the cold season it will not protect from the rain, snow and wind. For the production of garden and outdoor furniture, we choose coniferous and deciduous wood, which is least exposed to moisture and bacteria — we use pine, spruce, cedar, aspen, etc. Natural wood is carefully processed, prepared and takes exactly the shape that fits perfectly into the interior of the recreation area and becomes the most comfortable gazebo furniture.

We create slab tables and chairs from solid wood for outdoor gazebo — this is the main area where all guests and owners of the country house should feel comfortable. Shelving in gazebo will make everyday life comfortable, and when the cold comes they are easy to move into the country house — the original forms and decorations make gazebo furniture really comfortable.

Garden Furniture for Wooden House Gazebo

The main difference between garden furniture for outdoor gazebo and closed type house gazebo is that the second allows you to create more solutions and select more interior parts and decorations. If the wooden gazebo is in your house, you can use the natural wood walls — they will be beautiful and eco-friendly, and the also create a cosiness and make the room "warm". Wooden wall panels made from deciduous or coniferous wood will make any room comfortable and pleasant for rest.

House gazebo can be created in hundreds of different ways — here we will be guided by you and your wishes. If you need more functionality, we will add it with hanging cabinets and capacious curbstones, a large dining table from solid wood and chairs for rest. If you see this zone as minimalistic, we will make all garden furniture for a wooden gazebo of simpler shapes. The gazebo will continue the main idea of the house, whether it is a house in a refined classic decor or monumental hunting design. We realize everything in such a way that the design corresponds to your philosophy of life, mood and views, promotes rest and helps to restore strength after working days.

Wood Slabs for the Designer Furniture in Wooden Gazebo

We create not simple household items, but elements that will make your home a unique place for rest and recovery; a place where it's nice to come back in the evenings; where the body relaxes, and the soul enjoys the peace of life. Being creators and artists, our master cabinetmakers do not abandon extraordinary solutions, extravagant composite forms and combinations.

Some gazebo furniture we can make of wood slabs (cut down natural wood), which is used entirely or supplemented with other materials. Slab wood reveals all the beauty without any influence from human. Annual rings, boughs and cracks, parts of the water layer, veins and stains make the texture of each source unique and unrepeatable.

Taking as a basis wooden slab we create beautiful stools: we use slab for sitting area, and the legs can be made of branches or roots. Slab furniture for a wooden gazebo, in particular, table tops for pedestals, a slab tables and wooden chairs, help to play the authentic aesthetics of the space of your country house. If we can find a wooden slab of the right size, we can use them for furniture facades. The finishing touch in the gazebo design will be decor that revitalize it and make it more cozy.

Root furniture is often harmoniously integrated in gazebo. Roots and branches are used in its natural forms with minimal processing for the creation of root furniture. Fantastic bends allow us to arrange products of unique shapes and appearance. In each material, whether it is a weave of roots or a part of a branch, we try to discern an interesting image and, with minimal processing, make it recognizable for everyone.

Roots can replace the traditional legs of the slab table from the solid wood and make the ordinary element of furniture to look unusual. Branches for armrests, back benches and other furniture for a wooden gazebo look much more interesting than neat logs or boards, bringing in your house interior the real forest spirit. We place slabs tables on the legs of the roots so it turns out to look in original way.

We are assembling natural wood with other materials and products — forged metal, stained-glass windows, stones, painted details, dried flowers, jute, natural leather and enc. Together, this helps us to create the perfect gazebo furniture and the best holiday destination for you!

We work with people from all over the world and immediately accept your space as part of something greater!

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