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Russian Bath and Sauna Furniture

The waiting room is the soul of a big house

Russian Bath Furniture for the Recreation Room

Good furniture for baths and saunas is at the same time a functional component and an element of decor that adjusts to inner harmony and helps to acquire peace of mind. The rest room or dressing room will be comfortable to use only if you have a thoughtful interior solution. Sauna style should correspond to the general interior design of the house, whether it is a fisherman's house or a house in a classic styleQuality furniture for sauna and bath should be practical and safe. When choosing and manufacturing exclusive bath furniture it is necessary to take into account that temperature drops and there is a high humidity in sauna or Russian bath. It is important to order high-quality sauna furniture, which will survive operation in different conditions!

Materials for Russian Bath and Furniture for Sauna

When decorating the interiors of baths, saunas, steam rooms, therma rooms and the production of bath furniture for relaxation, we use only natural materials. Mostly it is different types of wood - ecological, often with therapeutic properties, pleasantly smelling and attracting with its simple and natural beauty. From coniferous species for the bath or sauna, we choose cedar, pine and spruce. They give off characteristic strong aromas when heated. It is not only pleasant, but also useful for your lungs and body.

Pine is considered to be a symbol of life and height of the spirit precisely because of its healing properties. It is often used for creation the bath and sauna furniture. Together with a pleasant coniferous aroma, which can not be overlooked when heated, the pine secretes phytoncides — the specific substances that destroy bacteria and viruses. Its beneficial effect on the human body is not just a popular belief, but also a scientifically proven fact: well-being sanatoriums, especially for rehabilitation after pulmonary diseases, are often located in coniferous forests.

Spruce never yields to pine for medicinal properties, and cedar, in addition to this, used to be used to make special milk utensils — so it's not prone to putrefactive bacteria. Therefore, they all fit perfectly for the bath and sauna furniture.

Hardwood (linden, aspen, alder and oak) is also suitable for creating a sauna furniture. Aspen is known for its low density, even at the highest temperature, it does not heat much. So we appreciate it for the manufacture of exclusive furniture for baths and saunas.  In most of our handcrafted furniture we also use durable, reliable and useful with its qualities natural oak. We create massive slab tables, use the roots for the oak table legs and decorate the interior with oak spills, if appropriate.

Furniture for Baths and Saunas: a Complete Set and Features

The equipment is not limited to anything, except the owner's imagination and the size of the room. Standard set of furniture for sauna and baths from wood includes:

bath shelves;

loungers and benches;

wardrobes for restrooms;

hangers for towels and clothes;

root table in the restroom;

sauna bench timber in the steam room;

chairs and slab stools.

How to design the furniture for a wooden bath, so that it will serve for a long time, pleased with its appearance and will create an atmosphere of peace and comfort in the steam room? First of all it is important to understand how many pieces of furniture you will have in your sauna. We need to know the dimensions of the room, shape and area. Only in this way we can create an ideal interior and exclusive furniture for a bath or sauna.

When choosing materials for the manufacture of bath and sauna furniture, the main criteria for us are reliability, safety and durability. Functional areas should not be cluttered with extra wooden sauna furniture, so we select the optimal set of objects for each room very carefully.

Sauna Bench Timber for the Steam Room

No steam room can be created without a sauna bench timber — a wooden flooring that is usually made of two or three-tiered, about 65 cm wide, and about 185 cm long. If your height or height of members of your family (and frequent future visitors to the steam room) is above average, we will make shelves in length of 220 centimeters. Depending on what kind of room we design, you can make the  sauna bench timber straight, round or in other shapes, folding or stationary.

For convenient placement on the upper tier, we will perform special sauna bench timbers (standard width is up to 45 cm). The important attributes of the interior are the headrests and footrests. The first allows you to conveniently lie on the bench to reduce the pressure on the spine, and footrests are used for better warming of the feet.

The integral part of the sauna interior will be a bench, stools and shelves. Also, we traditionally make a reliable coat rack for clothes and bath accessories: towels, sponges and caps.

Teak Wood Furniture for Bath and Sauna

Before embarking on the development of a design project for a relaxation room and sauna furniture made from wood, we will analyze how it will be used. Depending on the number of people in the family, the frequency of inviting guests, preferences in terms of leisure, we will create a comfortable and pleasant sauna interior.

For this, we use sauna furniture from a standard set: a table, a bench, trestles, shelves and lockers, chairs, stools and armchairs. Here you can relax, play in cards and board games, sit comfortably, spend time chatting.

Stylish Bathrooms and Dressing Rooms

The dressing room is a transition zone between street conditions and a heated bathhouse. If the sauna dressing-room is small, we'll make compact furniture: a couch, stools, a closet and hangers. And if the area allows, we will form a full complementary place for leisure activities, using wooden furniture for relaxation in the bath — comfortable sofas and benches, a table for gatherings.

We work with people from all over the world and immediately accept your space as part of something greater!

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