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Classic Luxury Furniture and Wooden Decor  for a Country House Interior

Exclusive wooden decor in combination with classic furniture make you feel the mystery of otherworldly sounds of virgin forest. Warm and comfortable wooden decor will add the luxury atmosphere of a palace style to your country house interior. The country house interior will be transformed due to properly selected classical furniture and wooden decor. It inspires respect and ennobles the space, filling the house with romance and warmth of natural wood.

The convenience and beauty of the country house interior directly depend on what furniture and decor are chosen. Expensive furniture and wooden decor add an elegant shades of festivity to your rooms and reflect the good taste of the owner. At the same time, our exclusive furniture is created according to all the canons inherent to the cabinet makers and masters of past eras. In the XVII century people used solid and durable wood (an array of oak, mahogany, yew and beech) to make the classical furniture. Creating exclusive handmade furniture, including hunter's house, wooden garden house and furniture for sauna, we use the same technologies and materials.

How Classic Furniture Transforms the Interior of a Wooden House

Classic luxury furniture creates a romantic atmosphere of ancient manor houses and palaces. Royal wooden interior decor: fireplace shelves, high back chairs, oak tables, luxurious sofas and elegant candle tables — fill the atmosphere of the country house with poetic nobility and artistic refinement.

Our classical furniture emphasizes elegance and refinement, we hope you'll admire the graceful lines and harmony of forms. Expensive handmade furniture and unique wooden decor adorn the most refined aristocratic homes for many centuries and are passed down from generation to generation. Wooden products in the design of fireplace shelves, decorative tables, partitions and niches become an integral part of the interior. And home decor elements such as dry flowers, decorative painting and stained glass give the wooden house interior a complete look.

Luxury Furniture in Elegant and Cozy Living Room

While the styles of classic furniture are diverse, they invariably gravitate toward palace luxury: Baroque, Rococo, Empire and strict Classicism. Accurate proportionality and smoothness of the verified lines organically looks in the spacious interiors of country houses with high ceilings and expensive parquet boards.

The elegant and cozy living room with a fireplace decorated with wooden products and carved mantelpiece is perhaps the most important part of the interior of a wooden house in a classic style. Classic table made of solid oak and chairs that can be decorated with decorative carvings will look awesome in the dining area next to the fireplace. A solid oak table will be the emotional center of a country house, uniting the generations of the family into a single whole.

Classical Furniture in Rooms Interiors

Classical furniture in the living room — elegant and tall candle tables, small coffee tables, round table from solid oak, classic chairs with carvings, sofas and armchairs, showcases and cabinets with stained glass.

Exclusive bedroom furniture — classic bedroom sets with a large wooden bed, bedside tables with carved legs, refined classic dressing tables, stools and bedside benches, solid wardrobes, pedestals and exquisite mirrors.

Classic furniture for kids — baby cots, bedside tables and wardrobes, a working area with a table on graceful legs and children's chairs, a small sofa for guests, a treasure chest.

Classical furniture for the home office — a solid oak table and a chair with powerful carved armrests, classic bookshelves, a meeting room with a small wooden table and comfortable chairs, the decoration of the walls with wooden columns.

Solid wood furniture is an age-old reserve of strength and future family value. To order our handmade classical furniture, wooden decor or other wood products, please call us on the phone number listed on the contact page or send an email from the site.

We work with people from all over the world and immediately accept your space as part of something greater!

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