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Luxury Rustic Furniture

Luxury rustic furniture represents the elegance and brutality of natural materials, the beauty of woody lines, bends, cracks and knots. Rustic wood furniture, supplemented by the warm light, gives the wooden house interior a special cosiness, comfort and tranquility. Stained-glass elements and paintings used by the masters of Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin's luxury rustic furniture studio, emphasize the refinement and nobility of the farmhouse hunting style interior.

Master cabinetmakers have exceptional professional skills and create luxury wood furniture for rustic interiors with a great passion. The execution of root furniture requires special skills. Becoming a master cabinetmaker and working with driftwood, quicksand and root requires years of hard work. Here you need to be able to listen to the wood, feel the textures, and don't violate the bends. Careful attitude to the natural materials and the professional skills accumulated over the years allow the master cabinetmakers of Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin's luxury rustic furniture studio to create unique works of furniture art. Mikhail's luxury rustic furniture are highly appreciated by designers and cabinet makers from all over the world.

Luxury rustic furniture in wooden house interior and apartment interior

Bent branches with knots, roots and driftwood, forging artistic, jute and rope, skins and skulls, all this emphasizes the strength, authority and brutality of rustic furniture in the wooden house interior. At the same time, the simplicity of the wooden house interior can be emphasized by light vases with dried flowers and field flowers, light colors of elegant ceramic dishes, linen curtains with plain design and etc. These interior details soften the roughness of luxury rustic furniture.

The very origin of the word from the Latin "rūsticus" and French "rustique", denoting "simple and rough, rural", suggests using exclusively natural materials in the wooden house interior. That's why the rustic furniture made for the farmhouse style interior is ideal for recuperation after a fast-paced urban life with its abundance of plastic and concrete. However, rather expensive rustic furniture can be found in the apartments and flats. It's appropriate to combine the roughness rustic furniture with the elegance and softness of the shabby chic decorative accessories. Decorative elements of the shebby — fresh flowers, elegant dishes, delicate tablecloths, weightless curtains — combine with natural wood of both cold light shades and classic warm ones.

Rustic Interior Design

Doors, arches, beams, wall decorations (wooden wall panels and paintings) — all this exclusive and unusual rustic furniture and wood decor elements are found everywhere and do not differ much, whether they are used near a bedroom or in the living room. What design solutions do we use in our wooden furniture studio to make rustic furniture original and unique, develop the general idea of ​​the rustic style and reveal the character of its owner?

First, we combine different materials. For example, doorways are often decorated with wooden posts. This exclusive and unusual furniture and carved wood products can be put in the original form with minimal processing, and can be supplemented with forged metal, as well as can be painted, decorated with carvings, leather and jute. It allows to create a unique composition that will never be repeated with any other wood item.

The effect is achieved with our approach to work on wood furniture. We are trying to reduce the processing of natural wood and leave it as natural as it came to us from nature. If these are benches, a slab table and chairs in the rustic style, they will be polished for safety, but all cracks, outgrowths, twisted branches, color changes will remain in place. We believe that human hands can not make more harmoniously and naturally than nature.

Wall wooden panno and rustic furniture are always a flight of fantasy and an experiment. We search for a solution that will embody and convey the idea to residents and guests. For such wood furniture, we can use dried flowers, glass, and sometimes even more unexpected "non-decorative" elements — household items (pots and lightening), tools (for example, a real ax) or something else. We do not limit ourselves in search and use everything that develops and reveals the idea of ​​rustic in wood products.

Original Solutions for Luxury Furniture

Luxury furniture, exclusive and unusual, is created from natural wood. Unlike factory production, it can be made not only from finished timber and planks. On the contrary, most of the unusual luxury furniture made by our master cabinetmakers is created on the basis of a natural image of the most natural material: snags, branches, roots, sprees of wood and not only. This gives an unlimited scope for fantasy, because unique bends, formed by nature, will not surpass by originality any fantasy product of human hands.

We refer to our favorite materials for the manufacture of luxury wood furniture:

slabs — transverse or longitudinal wood with original texture, which are used to make table tops, chairs and stools, facades of furniture and other exclusive and unusual furniture.

natural tree outgrowths — with a drip or spherical silhouette and with an unusual pattern on the cut. They allow you to create unique forms and compositions that can not be made from another material.

roots — they are always bizarre in shape, different in size and appearance, so they produce interesting household items, and sometimes they can be used entirely, for example, root table.

branches — due to the variety of shapes, sizes and colors are used for any designer furniture and decorative items.

For the embodiment of authentic interiors in the rustic style and even exclusive furniture for the bath, we use all the variety of nature that gives us unusual twists of tree branches, original forms of roots and a variety of impressions that inspire new searches and creations of luxury furniture.

We work for people from all over the world and immediately accept your space as part of something greater!

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