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Painting in the Decor of Unusual Furniture


Unusual furniture, such us adirondack and rustic custom furniture, is brutal and minimalistic. People appreciate high-quality handcrafted furniture with it's massive objects, minimal processing and creation of the most natural design. In our designer furniture studio by Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin, we supplement, facilitate and "Russify" the style with picturesque details emphasizing the noble design of unusual rustic furniture. Designer furniture in the hi-tech style is a trend, but it's not that much relevant in our region. Plastic and metal, mostly monochrome colors with occasional color accents, smoothness and sleekness of the hi-tech interior are very far from the traditional concepts of house decorating in Russia. And now, when most of people understand and accept the value of natural and handcrafted furniture, it's time to return to the natural wood and rustic design.

How Do We Paint Unusual Handcrafted Furniture?

We make most of the very expensive furniture in rustic or adirondack styles. Rustic is characterized by the use of natural materials, which are subjected to minimal processing. For example, if we use wood, it will be dead wood, branches and quicksand. They will be cleaned and sanded to avoid splinters. We don't polish the material itself to the ideal smoothness, as in the classical style, where all expensive designer furniture is made from selected raw materials with multi-stage preparation, cleaning and processing. Decorative painting looks very interesting on the surface treated in such a technique. We don't use artificial stone or wood chipboards, so the designer furniture painting are done only on our authentic works.

Painting the Custom Furniture for Your Interior

1. We use oak, beech and other tree species for the manufacture which are combined with forged metal, stone and other natural materials of our designer furniture. Therefore, the colors are always calm, natural, without screaming colors and unnatural glossy luster.

2. Due to the naturalness and simplicity of the basic materials, the painting of our designer furniture does not create a sense of "mess" in the interior — it only harmoniously complements your individual space.

3. All our handcrafted furniture is suitable for painting: stair railing, ceiling beams, oak tables, chairs, doors.

4. The motives for painting are selected for your interior. If the house was a painter's canvas, then every detail filling it (including painting on unusual furniture) would be another "paint smear".

5. During the discussion of your interior, you can both rely on our vision or set your own vision on the creation of the unusual furniture and decorative elements.

Decorative Murals Motifs in Custom Furniture Manufacturing

In all custom furniture with painting that we can manufacture for you, there are traced only rural motifs, nature landscapes, animals and birds. This solution allows to maintain the atmosphere of the interior and to avoid mixing styles. In general, our unusual furniture is supplemented by pastoral images: pictures of forests, fields, rivers, traditional plants. We can also use pictures of buildings: mills, houses, churches, because all of them support the main idea of ​​the interior, and do not "compete" with it. We often use pictures of animals: bears, roe deer, hares and other forest inhabitants very naturally fit in interiors in rustic and adirondack styles.

Technical Nuances in Decorating the Handcrafted Furniture

For decorating and painting the custom furniture we chose those items that are least exposed to external influences. For example, we unfrequently paint designer furniture for the kitchen, because regular temperature changes, heat from the cooker and high humidity during cooking can negatively affect the drawings. So if you'd like to choose this option, the paintings will be covered with special protective compounds. However, even without painting our custom furniture for kitchens do not lack the decor options: we decorate the luxury designer furniture with forged metal, jute (rough rope), natural leather with rivets, as well as we can make carving.

The designer furniture for the kitchen, which is located far from the "hot" zone, is painted without any restrictions. For example, a dining table made from tree roots can be decorated with painting on the central part or along the edges. And in general, all the designer furniture can be painted with pastoral pictures: traditional landscapes, folk motifs, forest inhabitants, — choose to your taste or trust the author's inspiration.

To perform the drawing, we select the colors individually. It depends on the surface of designer furniture and how this custom furniture will be used. All the drawings are unique — like every object created by our handcrafted furniture studio in Russia.

Why Do We Use Paintings in Our Handcrafted Furniture Studio?

Even the most everyday things can be made more attractive. No wonder they say that house perfectly reflects its owner's character. With an attentive and thoughtful approach, every detail from the dressing room in the bath to the gazebo to relax will become your reflection, the expression of your active life position. Before we take on any task, we would like to know you and discover your taste to understand which elements of interior you would like. So we'll start working on your project with awe, paying attention to detail.

We work with people from all over the world and immediately accept your space as part of something greater!

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