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Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin

And now in our art workshop we work in the style of Rustik and Adirondack!

Being a master cabinetmaker and working traditionally with oak, beech and other tree species, doing artistically applied works, I more and more often caughting myself thinking that this activity is interesting, but not quite mine.

At its core I'm a Romantic, a Dreamer, a Traveler and of course an artist, and arched passages and various furniture for the interior, in spite of their highly artistic and original composition, do not fiting in with my essence.

Traveling through the forests and rivers, I was fascinated by the bent branches of the pines, driftwood of Volga quicksand on the banks, and I unconsciously began to collect and dry them. And as often happens - Fate! A friend of our family, a designer, gives me an album: "Unique wooden houses". From that moment everything fell into place. It did not take long to wait, and the customer appeared on rustic style. Master cabinetmaker starts his work with rustic furniture.

My first job as master cabinetmaker was a staircase in rustic style. As expected, she was born in agony and for a long time.

Having arranged my firstborn's lookout, they all unanimously declared that my staircase, although small in size but plastic, texture, artistic set of branches and decor, is much higher, more interesting, better than the most beautiful staircase of America in the rustic style, represented in the magazine by Ralph Kylo.

Now I have a rich collection of branches of amazing plasticity, and Volga driftwood - this must be seen! Every summer the collection is updated. I collect branch and roots for Hunting lodge, wooden summerhouses, Russians baths and, of course, for rustic interiors. I work and develop in the style of rustik and adirondack - this is mine!

What can I say about myself? It's easier to express through work, and work for us is a Holiday and a pleasure! Pleasure delivers any stage in the work as master cabinetmaker.

It all starts with an order. There is a phone call from the "X", and I in turn am curious what kind of person it is? What does he want in his interior that he likes? Will he give me freedom of action and proposals? I want to come and get acquainted with the owner of the dwelling, see his majesty's interior directly, and, perhaps, offer his vision, his view on how it might look, justify why it is so, and not otherwise, explain and convince if the customer allows it . At this stage, you need to be an artist of your business, explaining with ecstasy what and how you can do and why. All this is insanely interesting, it's a kind of game. Only this way, and not otherwise, you can lay down successful, and maybe even talented ideas and findings in the design of the home.

So what is next? Next - sketches. This is also a rapture. The rustic interior itself provides a huge space for imagination formaster cabinetmaker, it contains a lot of ideas, you just have to see, do not miss, sketch in time. So there is a huge amount of sketches, you draw on inspiration, trying not to miss any of the lightning of flying ideas, and you are terribly interested: I want to catch something unusual, special. And afterwards from a heap of sketches carefully choose what is most organically poured into this interior. After all, both the idea and the making of the composition must be of the highest quality. Design is both poetry, music, and art, and all this is in a harmonious unity. So, the sketches are fantasies, ideas, absolutely unlimited, sometimes crazy, wild, daring, and all this should be "tamed" and tied to the plastic, texture and color of the interior. Sketches appear before the customer with comments and explanations. This is also a kind of theater, action, and at the same time - interesting communication.

The creation process formaster cabinetmaker is a continuation of the Holiday. The specificity of our work is not only to come up with, to develop sketches and drawings for any composition that joins plastic, interior styling, but, of course, to create this composition from the material under the supervision of the author at all stages of manufacturing, including installation of the product.

Of course, our master cabinetmakers also do what many do: ceilings, stairs, furniture, gratings and the like. But our hobby is objects of a different plane, where there is a place for manual and individual work, where circulation and flow, as a rule, do not dominate. However, if we have to do "streaming" work, we also enter into them something original, some "tasty" details, nuances that large organizations, as a rule, ignore because of their production characteristics.

In our work, there are no repetitions, we follow our own rules, always striving to do something original and unrepeatable. Repeating in work is just boring.

Our master cabinetmakers are not afraid of the difficulties of making knots, which are difficult to do, which require special ingenuity. If from our point of view they are interesting, if it is necessary for compositional unity and idea, then we are looking for a solution and an exit. Often, it takes time to create these knots or parts, and for us this is the norm. Therefore, the compressed and limited time for the production of an order is undesirable for us. Sometimes you have to redo something, adjust and improvise in the process of work, because the material itself sometimes better tells you which way to go, what will look better, and it does not always make sense to keep ready and approved sketches and drawings in your work. This brings many pleasant surprises to us and to the customer.

The order is never diluted and simplified, but on the contrary - it is played with interesting plastic finds and solutions, and the customer is almost always pleasantly surprised, because in the material it looks more interesting and richer than in the sketch. We are just as pleased as he is.

Our master cabinetmakers supplement the work with wood and combine it with forged metal, stained glass, stone, dried flowers and many other materials that dictate the idea and the interior.

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