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 Rustic Style: Handcrafted Wooden Furniture

The rustic furniture, created with good hands, fills the country house interior with warmth and comfort. The branches of pines, driftwood and quicksand, as it were, tell stories about might, strength and purity. Rustic root furniture interweave legends popping up in the subconscious, with new stories inspired by the wood.

Innovative artists working with wood in Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin's studio of rustic wooden furniture carefully tame the crazy and bold bends of branches and roots. Woodworkers pass their warmth and emphasize the beauty of roots and snags. Unique and original Russian style interior, like every detail of rustic furniture, saturates a wooden country house with a quiet joy and inspiration, which is so rare in city life.

Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin's studio creating root furniture is a kind of embodiment of the spirit of artistic improvisation and rich experience of woodworkers performing exclusive orders for the manufacture of adirondack and rustic wooden furniture.

Rustic Wooden Furniture from Quicksand, Roots and Snags

Exclusive wooden furniture from solid wood, logs, roots, driftwood, snags, dead wood and other natural materials is made in a single copy. The process of manufacturing wooden furniture in rustic style can take quite a long time. There can't be any copies, because each new wooden form is a new story.

Mikhail Volkov-Sorokin has been making rustic furniture for more than 10 years, creating true masterpieces of furniture art from quicksand, roots and snags. His root furniture is often encrusted with tiles, complemented by wood carvings, decorated with animal horns, stones and other natural materials.

Furniture ensembles created specially for dressing rooms of Russian saunas, hunting houses, canteens, arbors and other interiors, as a rule, are absolutely unique and are created according to an individual design project. Nevertheless, if it is necessary to supplement the country house interior with specific wooden furniture, it is possible to recreate it according to the chosen layout or illustration. In this case, wooden rustic furniture from the roots and snags will be as close as possible to the desired layout.

Rustic root furniture from roots and snags effectively decorate any interior. Exclusive handmade root furniture, for example, a root table, will complement the interior of the living room; ornate root staircase is suitable for home interior in Russian style; rustic furniture also looks great in modern restaurants of Russian cuisine and loft spaces.

Driftwood, Quicksand and Root Furniture in a Country House Interior

Durable rustic furniture will give comfort and warmth to its owners for many years. Unique design, rich natural shades and textures - this is exactly what is valued in eco-style furniture. Wooden handmade furniture from roots will have its own family stories and will be inherited as a relic, connecting the generations of your family.

Harmonious combination of effective design and functionality, thoroughness of texture and refinement of details, originality of author's style and natural beauty of materials create an atmosphere of sincerity and emphasize the status of the owner. Due to high artistic and aesthetic qualities, exclusive handmade furniturefrom roots will be a worthy decoration of the country house interior.

Exceptional Handcrafted Rust & Root Furniture

Rust & root furniture as a separate art form is a decorative direction, a kind of original creativity aimed to make root sculptures and root furniture from outgrowths on trees. Tree's outgrowths differ in the nature of origin and in the possibilities that creators provide, because each of the formations has its own texture, slab image, density, and therefore different ways of applying in the wooden country houses interiors design.

Each root is unique in texture and shape, given by unpredictable nature. Our master cabinetmakers who work with roots create unusual wooden furniture: root tables, root stools, chairs, benches, armchairs, beds, shelves, cabinets and wooden decor for the country houses interiors, as well as large functional objects of everyday life, such as staircases and handrails, are all in rustic and adirondack styles.

Master cabinetmaker who works with roots does not create a product from scratch in the course of work, but helps it to grow from a natural form, develop into a general idea. We are constantly looking for new root pieces that will reveal the potential of any chosen interior style and furniture form.

Materials for Wood Carving, Rust and Root Furniture

For rust and root furniture we use outgrowths of the trees. It is benign formation that can appear in the root zone or on the trunk itself. However, root furniture in general allows to use any wood blanks: branches, roots, bark and so on. Wood carving and root furniture art is not mass and not standardized, so it is always unique in their results.

Original root sculptures and interesting wood carving are obtained from juniper — its corrugated trunk, whimsical roots and luxurious branches allow master cabinetmakers to create fantasy compositions of the most bizarre forms. The delicate pinkish-white color on the cut harmoniously contrasts with the darker parts.

Birch billets are interesting in the color of the bark, but they still attract each master cabinetmaker by the fact that on the growths the bark becomes scaly with black curls, which resembles a caracal and makes the final product more original. Oak blanks and bark on them are often embossed, with glossy shine — this, in particular, refers to the Amur and cork oak. It looks interesting in compositions and needs minimal processing for use in decorating. Each of the selected material is prepared and embodied in the most interesting form, fully revealing its creative potential and the idea.

Original Solutions in Decorating Wooden Root Furniture

Creating the root furniture is not just a way to create a stool from roots or branches in adirondack style. It is also an opportunity to show the natural fantasy form of the workpiece or decorate the product with an unusual carving. Various epic heroes, characters of fairy tales and legends, mythological creatures often find their reflection in functional and decorative interior of wooden country houses.

What is the value of root furniture as a separate art form and such things for decorating a house? First of all, each of them has its own soul, it brings a little warmth and natural coziness to the dwelling. Wooden furniture can not be replicated, it often can not even be repeated in several copies, because every twig, snag, each growth on the trunk is unique.

The material is left in almost a primordial form, with the beauty created by nature. It is processed minimally, to prolong the durability and safety of use — so, tree trunks are cleared and ground, and the blanks are dried and processed so that bacteria do not develop. In the rest, root furniture is formed with bark, cracks and irregularities, which only complement the authentic composition in its pristine beauty.

We work with people from all over the world and immediately accept your space as part of something greater!

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